Cabaret Curiosa

Ghouls just want to have fun

That´s why we are back to lift your spirits and bringing our celebration of the best of all holidays to your own home- directly from MA665 our bureau for infernal and social affairs.

Meet your favorite demons, bureaucrats and sinful cases and enjoy unique and spooky tales, directly from our most secret files (Yes, maybe they are from a lost pile in storage, but we are a magistrate and we are the ones judging others muahahaha)

Witness the sins of our vile guests from the world of the living and loathsome creatures from the underworld
AstroLily US
Melancholia Blackbile CZ
Ménage a Rouge UK
Nancy Norté Phoenix UK
Shirley Shine AT
Pixie Baroque AT
Devi Letalis AT

Enjoy haunting tunes by the most amazing OutoflovePunk UK

You can grab your tickets starting at €3 on and watch our show until Nov. 30th
We will send you the Videolink in time to celebrate Halloween with us

If you are feeling extra generous and want to support our artists even more, tips are mostly welcome via

Sat, Oct 31
Cabaret Curiosa- Creep it real