Cabaret Curiosa

This time it´s your turn to get active! We are looking for the Queen/King/Royal Person of Quarantine and you get to vote.

You can buy one vote (ticket) for 3€ to watch the show, but feel free to buy as many votes as you want and support as many performers as you´d like! You have 48 hours after the show to vote. We will send you as many links as the number of tickets you purchased. If you purchase 10 tickets for 10x3€ you will get to vote 10 times. You can decide if you want to use those votes on only one performer or divide them if you had more than one favorite. 


The first round of the Contest is split into two dates:

Dec. 31st

The Phoenix UK

Moxie Delite AUS

Emilia Topaz UK

Porcelain Delaney UK

Daddy long legs MEX

William Shakespeare UK

Odelia Opium UK

Morticia LaMarr US

Pixie Baroque AT

Vanity Redfire PRT

Aster Reign UK

Miss Cherry Champagne UK


Jan 2nd:


Pandora Carnage UK

Ginger MisDemeanour AUS

Shirley Shine AT

Lacey Noire UK

Annika Hausen DE

Vinca de Fleur UK

Cherry Valentine ESP

Miss Sibyl Vane UK

Eden Lost SWE

Atomic Rebel IT

Athena ThrillMe AUS

Astro Lilly US


If you purchase your ticket(s) you can also support a performer financially. Just write us a comment in your order, who of our lovely contestants informed you of our event and they will profit directly from your purchase. (This does not count as a vote, you have to vote seperately, starting with the beginning and ending 48 hours after the event) You can still purchase additional votes after the event started- we will inform you about the details in the hosting.


Note that you will have to get your tickets for every event seperately, because the voting also works seperately.


Your favorite 10 performers of the first round will reappear in the second and final round. Follow our Facebook- or Instagrampage to stay tuned and get informed about the final contestants.

Thu, Dec 31
Cabaret Curiosa- Queen of Quarantine Round 1 Part 1
Sat, Jan 02
Cabaret Curiosa- Queen of Quarantine Round 1 Part 2