Cabaret Curiosa


Your fairy gothmother Devi Letalis and mother of demon minions Pixie Baroque have some special stories prepared for you. Listen to gruesome bedtime stories and Devi will lure you into a world of Fairytales and Gothic Novels.


Miss Cherry Champagne
Aya L'Storm
Foxi Blue 
Athena Elixir
Kitty Skittles
Lilith D'Licious
Anaïs Lune
Odelia Opium
Pixie Baroque
Sirona Thorneycroft
Devi Letalis

Brace yourselves for an event thats not only burlesque, but music, movie, comedy, history and horror mixed together in a very unusual format. We don´t want to spoil too much of what we came up with this time. 

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The show premiers on May 29th 8pm CET
The Link will stay active for a whole month for you- so if you already have plans for the 29th, don´t worry. 

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Cabaret Curiosa was featured in Velvet Revues best Online-Shows 

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Cabaret Curiosa was called one of the
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Cabaret Curiosa is featured in Velvet Revue s article about the best online Burlesque Shows



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