Mar 27, 8:00 PM GMT+1
Shirley Shine and Devi Letalis are celebrating their birthdays and you are invited to witness our weirdest and most extravagant Cabaret Curiosa yet. We summoned our longtime friends from around the world to commemorate our special day. We prepared something really special you have never seen before.

23.-24. Nov.       Messe Wien

Cinnamon Panther @Viecc

Verkaufsstand bei der Viecc

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Nov 30, 2019, 8:00 PM
Shebeen International Pub
Ein Abend mit Burlesque und Musik Zorya Blue/ Shirley Shine/ Vicky Voodoo/ Devi Letalis/ Dora D./ Pixie Baroque Livemusik Bruther

Mo., 30. Sept.  2019  Replugged

Cabaret Curiosa presents Lords Of The Trident

Ein Abend mit Burlesque und Metal*

Devi Letalis AT
Shirley Shine AT
Fanny Féline AT

Lords of the Trident US

Sa., 26. Oct.     Birdport Electric Palace

Devi Letalis @The Art of Vintage Burlesque

Devi Letalis performing in Bristol

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Sa., 9. Nov.        Prague   

Devi Letalis  @ Bohemian Burlesque Festival

Devi Letalis performing in Prague

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