Cabaret Curiosa- Creep it real
Oct 31, 8:00 PM GMT+1
Ghouls just want to have fun That´s why we are back to lift your spirits and bringing our celebration of the best of all holidays to your own home- directly from MA665 our bureau for infernal and social affairs. Meet your favorite demons, bureaucrats and sinful cases

23.-24. Nov.       Messe Wien

Cinnamon Panther @Viecc

Verkaufsstand bei der Viecc

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Cabaret Curiosa- Every day is Halloween/ Burlesque und Livemusik
Nov 30, 2019, 8:00 PM
Shebeen International Pub
Ein Abend mit Burlesque und Musik Zorya Blue/ Shirley Shine/ Vicky Voodoo/ Devi Letalis/ Dora D./ Pixie Baroque Livemusik Bruther

Mo., 30. Sept.  2019  Replugged

Cabaret Curiosa presents Lords Of The Trident

Ein Abend mit Burlesque und Metal*

Devi Letalis AT
Shirley Shine AT
Fanny Féline AT

Lords of the Trident US

Sa., 26. Oct.     Birdport Electric Palace

Devi Letalis @The Art of Vintage Burlesque

Devi Letalis performing in Bristol

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Sa., 9. Nov.        Prague   

Devi Letalis  @ Bohemian Burlesque Festival

Devi Letalis performing in Prague

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